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Tongue Thai-ed: 5 ways to bungle Thai students’ nicknames

You won’t believe me but this is a true story.   It was my first day teaching English in Thailand; I had just finished my TEFL certification course and I was petrified. But I knew from my TEFL training that my 8-year-olds would eat me alive if...

TEFL course, TEFL Campus, TEFL certification, TEFL training, TEFL in Phuket

2017 TEFL Certification course reviews are in

[caption id="attachment_14585" align="alignright" width="300"] TEFL certification course trainees pose for pic after observed teaching practice.[/caption] During 2017, 99% of our TEFL certification course graduates stated that they would recommend TEFL Campus to a friend or family member. Believe it or not, that’s up from 98% in...

TEFL COURSE DIARY: Stephen’s 4th week at TEFL Campus

[caption id="attachment_12508" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] 2017 got off to a wonderful start, in large part due to Stephen's positive outlook and natural leadership skills.[/caption] What did you get up to during the last weekend of the TEFL course? I spent most of the weekend finalizing my student profile assignment...

TEFL Course Diary: Kathy’s 3rd week in Phuket

In addition to attending lectures, she delivered two more lessons to real students, looked at different aspects of classroom management and learned about Thai culture from a retired Thai teacher who shared valuable lessons on how to make a smooth transition into her first TEFL...

TEFL Course Diary: Kathy’s 2nd week in Phuket

Week two of our onsite TEFL course brings new challenges, fresh opportunities to practice teaching English in Thailand and critical lessons in areas such as classroom management and language awareness....

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