Onsite TEFL Training in Phuket

  • 120 hours of study
  • 4 weeks long
  • includes observed teaching practice
  • offered 10 times a year
  • results in an internationally recognized TESOL certificate
  • conveniently located in the heart of Phuket Town

This option is great for anyone who:

  • is entering the teaching profession for the first time
  • wants to qualify for teaching jobs that require a TESOL/TEFL certificate
  • is a qualified teacher and needs an additional credential specific to ELT
  • has teaching experience but wants to benefit from structured training
  • Apply now!

Our TEFL training in Phuket covers:

observed teaching practice – Practical and fundamental to any training course, we offer at least six observed teaching practice sessions and each one includes 2.5 hours of guided lesson planning.  During these sessions, trainees have the opportunity to teach real EFL students.  They’ll also learn from observations of their peers.  When the session is done, verbal and written feedback is provided by a course trainer.


50 hours of in-class study – During input sessions, trainees learn about teaching methodology, teaching skills, grammar and phonetics.  The teaching skills session include:


  • lesson planning
  • classroom management
  • establishing rapport
  • discipline in the classroom
  • managing equipment and teaching aids
  • creating materials
  • correction techniques
  • evaluation and testing
  • teaching vocabulary
  • teaching grammar
  • teaching receptive skills (reading and listening)
  • teaching productive skills (speaking and writing)
  • games in the classroom
  • songs in the classroom
  • teaching beginner students
  • teaching individual students

materials project – Because creativity is an integral part of what it means to be a teacher, trainees must complete a set of materials that will be used in the classroom.  Trainees are asked to take raw materials and convert them into something that will be used within a lesson.  On the last day of the course, trainees present their project to a course trainer and peers before testing it out with real students.


student profile – Teaching one-to-one lessons is quite common so we require trainees to design a detailed lesson plan for use with an individual student.  Trainees need to design a level test, a needs analysis, a lesson plan and answer a series of questions designed to assess the rationale and considerations used while they created the lesson.  Materials and a final lesson plan are then submitted during the last week of the course


foreign language – In order to help trainees better understand their students, we use our teaching methodology to deliver 90 minutes of foreign language lessons.  This is done over two lessons and trainees must submit a journal summarizing what they learned.


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