Our training is absolutely comprehensive and over 98% of course graduates state that they feel as if the course has prepared them for working within a classroom environment.


TEFL Thailand courses provides the certification employers require for teaching positions.  Without such certification, finding a good teaching job is very difficult—if not altogether impossible in some cities.

Well Planned Lectures

A balance of methodology, grammar, phonology and of course teaching skills, our lectures provide insightful, practical and helpful information every TEFL professional needs to know before entering the classroom.

Thorough Lesson Planning

Before each teaching session, trainees work under the guidance of their trainer for more than two hours, discussing teaching methods, reviewing teaching skills and prepping materials for class.

Insightful Teaching Observation

After each teaching session, trainees receive individualized reviews of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to improve their methods before the next class.

Preparation and Confidence in the Classroom

Can you imagine walking into a classroom and teaching without any training whatsoever?  We certainly can’t.