Don’t take our word for it. Hear what some of our former trainees have to say.

Nichole, AUS

“I researched many TEFL providers, however, TEFL Campus Phuket really stood out. The trainers were excellent and I must admit that the course was harder than I anticipated, however, it was worth it. I currently live and work in Thailand and I have an amazing job. This would not have been possible without the assistance of TEFL Campus Phuket. I strongly recommend this course provider.”

May, 2015

Halo, RSA

“The campus itself was convenient, everything we needed to help with lesson planning was in the building. All the staff working at the campus were friendly and made me feel welcome. I could honestly go on and on about how I loved the course but I think you should experience it for yourself. It’s worth it!”

August, 2015

Emily, USA

“This program made me feel prepared for the teaching world, although I had no previous formal teaching experience. The staff was always available to help with teaching practice and other personal inquires. I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to be able to effectively teach through relevant techniques.”

October, 2015

Carmen, USA

“TEFL Campus really provides you with all the tools you need to become an effective TEFL teacher, completely worth it!”

February, 2016

Dan, USA

“All of the staff at TEFL Campus were very helpful and they placed me in the program that worked best for me. I now feel comfortable teaching a classroom full of students and I have the tools to create lesson plans from scratch and with a clear strategy of how to go about be being a successful teacher in Thailand with the knowledge to be an English teacher for wherever I may go.”

March, 2016

Jesse, RSA

“I just landed my first teaching job two days after I finished the TEFLcourse! Incredible school! Great pay! Way better than I ever could have imagined! Love the students! Honestly so happy and grateful for everything!”

April, 2016

Trainees take an anonymous survey at the end of very course. We use these surveys to ensure our course is as meaningful, enjoyable and well run as possible. Here are some of our questions and some of the answers we receive.

Q1: How would you rate the quality of the course overall?

I thought the teaching methods were effectively taught. I learned so much about how to teach and how to prepare for a class. (May 2015)


Overall, the course exceeded my expectations. I wrongly assumed that the workload would have been easier and it would be a vacation with a diploma at the end. I am very happy that it was the opposite. I learned so much about teaching – my strengths and weaknesses, and believe this course set a great foundation I can build on. (August 2015)


As a non-native speaker I received all the help I needed, and teachers gave me full support right up to the last day. (September 2015)


Well prepared course. You can tell a lot of experience and planning has gone into it. (March 2016)


I found the course to be extremely thorough. Everything that was advertised was done – and more. I found it to be very extensive and very much worth the money paid. (May 2016)


The quality of the program and training staff is absolutely up to par. (June 216)


I feel this course had very high value in relation to the money spent. (November 2016)


I would recommend this course to people who value education and who want to excel in teaching. Also if they want to taste amazing Thailand or try a new experience living abroad. (February 2017)

Q2: How would you rate the course in preparing you to teach?

I was really dreading the teaching practice, but I ended up really enjoying it. (September 2015)


I like how we were thrown right in to teaching during the first week of the course. It gave me a good idea of what was expected, and what I needed to improve on. (January 2016)


Best part of the course for me. I now feel much more confident teaching than I did coming into the course. (March 2016)


I think the course prepared me immensely for teaching. (February 2017)

Q3: How would you rate the quality of the training staff?

Training staff were great, and helped whenever I had questions. (May 2015)


I can’t say enough nice/positive things about the staff. (November 2015)


The teaching practice feedback is especially constructive. (February 2016)


Very professional and supportive. (April 2016)


Nothing is ever left unsaid. I found the trainers to be honest, prepared and always willing to help. They are strict, which made it better for us ultimately to get the results we needed. (May 2016)

Q4: How would you rate the quality of your course materials?

Every point made had corresponding handouts. (June 2015)

Q5: How would you rate the course in preparing you to teach?

Excellent. Came here as one person and left as another! (August 2015)


It’s a new way of teaching and at first I couldn’t get used to it, but then I found that it provided me with many more efficient ways for me to conduct my lessons in the future (from and experienced teacher, June 2016)

Q6: How would you rate the job support services?

Have a job lined up through the course. Very helpful to me. (June 2015)


Eric has been there and answered all queries regarding jobs, cvs, and cover letters by email and in person. He has posted jobs on our group website from time to time. Job support has been very helpful. (January 2016)


You get out of it what you put into it. Efforts are returned in full. (June 2016)


The willingness to answer job related questions and to assist us with getting in contact with someone in our next destination was amazing. Thank you! (February 2017)

Q8: How would you rate the accommodation?

In terms of quality, location and bang for your buck, absolutely no complaints here. (June 2016, Phuket Center Apts)


The owners were affable and very accommodating. I felt more like a younger brother and a tenant…fantastic. (June 2016, Sakul House)

Sakul House is amazing! (November 2016)


PCA was great – the staff were super friendly and helpful and the room was plenty big. (February 2017, Phuket Center Apartment)

SectionQ9: How would you rate the quality of the following services? (Pre-course admin, welcome meal, payment services, help & support with problems, Thai staff)

From the start to the end, the support has been immense. Thank you for such a wonderful service. (August 2015)


This section is faultless, and prompt replies to emails is very much appreciated. (March 2016)

Q10: Would you recommend this course to a friend?

Absolutely. Especially the reputation of the school and its location within Phuket Town. I thought it was awesome. (September 2015)


One of my friends did an online course and she told me that it didn’t prepare her at all for the real world experience. I think that this on-site course does prepare you more than the online because of the teaching practice. (November 2015)


If I recommended a TEFL course to my friends, I would insist on them doing it here. (January 2016)


Yes. A very helpful and insightful course for anyone interested in teaching. (April 2016)

Q11: How would you rate Phuket Town as a location for the course?

Everything is here; beaches, authentic Thai culture, night markets… and toilet paper in every bathroom! (May 2015)


Great town! I feel lucky to have been here. (November 2015)


Perfect blend of old town and tourist – not a resort, unless you want one. (February 2016)


It’s central, easy to get around, and has everything we need right on our doorstep. (May 2016)

Q12: Please add any additional comments that……..will help future participants.

Very impressed with the quality of the qualification and how far it can carry you. Found professional feedback helped me progress from lesson to lesson. (June 2015)


Overall, I am very pleased and glad I chose TEFL Campus. I have learned a lot, and hopefully will apply it in the near future. (February 2016)


This course is brilliant. It’s very challenging but extremely rewarding. Thank you. (April 2016)


Thank you so much for an amazing course. The dedication the staff has really shines through. (February 2017)

Jasmin, GER

“It was such a great experience to do the course at the TEFL Campus Phuket. The instructors are very knowledgeable and are keen to tailor support to each student’s individual needs. The course was very well structured and the feedback was detailed and extremely helpful.”

December, 2015

Chris, ENG

“I can’t recommend this course highly enough. There are lots of TEFL courses out there where you can pick up the qualification relatively easy, but at TEFL Campus you’ll be put through your paces and feel fully prepared for a career in teaching English.”

January, 2016

Wendy, AUS

“So much of what I learned at TEFL Campus has manifested itself in my current classroom and I am so grateful for the time I spent struggling with the tenses. I thought I could teach English back then, but so much detail has become my daily stuff, and I learn constantly.”

June, 2015

Ben, USA

“This course is ideal for those looking for immediate employment in Phuket. They are among the most respected TEFL courses on the island. I couldn’t have been happier with my decision and experience.”

January, 2015

Reachel, HOL

”The trainers are friendly and helpful; when there is a problem they are always available. Plus, I got a job right away!”

April, 2015

Jean, HKG

“I’m very satisfied with the course. It met my expectations and I am confident that I have gained more experience and knowledge in teaching.”

June, 2015

Armando, POR

“Awesome content, awesome staff, awesome program. For having experienced a similar (but longer) program in French, I was extremely surprised and happy how the classes were conducted. The teachers are very professional, very competent and supportive but moreover extremely nice people who know that teaching is not only about inputing knowledge in their students’ brain, but it’s also about having a good time. I actually just passed my TESOL certificate while enjoying an awesome human experience.”

September, 2014

Sally, AUS

”Well, they didn’t lie when they said the course was intensive! You need to be passionate about teaching (which I am) to complete this course. You meet people from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities which is good. The staff at TEFL Campus were professional and helpful with lots of support both during the course and afterwards. It can feel a bit overwhelming but if you stick with it will be worth it.”

April, 2015